Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nami Island: "Naminara Republic"

KBC group on a mission
Nami Island is an island that looks like a leaf floating on a lake. It was founded in 1966 as a "garden of culture and the arts". It is located 63 km from Seoul in the middle of the Han River. The island is full of wide open grassy areas suitable for picnics and recreation surrounded with chest nut trees and other trees. 
squirrel spotted 

The island is formed with pebbles and sands, there are no mountains on the island, instead there are tall trees which are tall enough to touch the sky. For most Korean and International visitors, the island is perfectly suitable for leisurely strolls or romantic dates. Nami Island also plays host to a variety of culture events, concerts and exhibitions throughout the year. The island is also flourished with deer, ostriches, rabbits, squirrels, ducks and countless types of birds. Its an island where nature and human beings can coexist. 

Chestnut trees planted beautifully

I found out that the island was named after General Nami, a notable figure in Korean history who courageously fought in battles but died at the age of 26. In last decade, Nami Island became a popular location for the filming of movies and it even rose to international prominence with the re-broadcast of Korean television series "Winter Sonata" throughout Asia. 

Today, Nami Island is a place for the rest and relaxation, where nature and human beings live peacefully in harmony far away from city crowds and civilization. 

If you want to visit Nami Island, click on this link for more useful information. https://www.namisum.com/