Monday, November 26, 2012

JUMP: Comic Martial Arts Performance

If you are wondering what JUMP is, its is a non-verbal performance of a crazy but fun family. It is based on the traditional movements of taekwondo, a Korean form of martial arts. This musical tells about an eccentric family who brags about their amazing martial art skills. 

Story line: The story has four episodes. First, "A visitor is coming! Who is the visitor?", second, "It is time to train! Who is the trainer?", third, "What a sweet and fun love story!" and finally, "Incredibly huge fight! Can the burglars survive?". The story begins with a man who's in love with the daughter of this family and visits their home in which the lady's grandfather, father, mother and uncle all live together and are all masters of martial arts. Since her grandfather loves to practice martial arts with all the family members ever day, the man has no choice but to join them. However, contrary to his weak appearance, he discovers that he is actually good at martial arts and the daughter begins to fall in love with him. One day, two thieves break into their house, but there is nothing for them to steal. All they could do is just run away before they get caught. 

JUMP continues to present endless comic martial arts with whole new feeling. The performers naturally makes the audience participate in the performance which can double the enjoyment. More information on transportation, reservation and contact information can be obtained from JUMP English

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