Friday, April 4, 2014

Teaching Bhutanese Culture to Korean Elementary School Students

28 March and 4 April (2014)
Met a bunch of elementary school students over the last 2 weeks. The first school was called "Peace Elementary School" and it was indeed peaceful and the second school that I visited was called "Shinwha Elemetary School" which reminded me of my old favorite Korean singers "Shinwha". The students are excited as always. Enjoyed taking selfies with little girls. As you can see I wore a "gho"(dress for boys) to a boy and it was a little small for him so we can see his "kera" (belt). I didn't want to upset him by telling him that he was too big for the dress because he volunteered very very willing to participate. Sometimes the students make fun of the traditional clothes. But I guess that is just beings kids. May be that is how they show their excitement. 

Other that wearing "gho" and "kira", we also got some time to play games for both the classes. We played "Captain Roulette". So the class was divided into 2 teams and there will be 3 rounds. Nine students will represent each team (since there are 18 swords in total). Each student from different team will strike the barrel alternatively and whoever makes the head pop out of the barrel two times out of the three loses. The students were really competitive because of the prize: Bhutanese currency. 

At Peace Elementary School

Selfies with little girls 

Pronunciation of "Ngultrum" was quite hard for Korean kids

A cute student wearing "Gho" at Shinwha Elementary School

A handsome little boy from Shinwha Elementary School

Playing "Captain Roulette": Tough competition for Bhutan money
서울평화초등학교하고 서울신화초등학교를 다녀왔습니다. 초등학생들이 부탄에 대해서 많이 배울수록 많이 놀라운것같고 저도 만족감을 느낍니다. 한국에 온지 5년이 넘었는데 부탄에 대한 아는 대학생도 별로 만나지 못했어요. 작년부터 꾸준히 한국에 있는 고등학교 중학교 초등학교 그리고 유치원에서 한달에 3번정도 부탄문화수업을 서울시청통해서 가르치고 있습니다. 앞으로는 "부탄"하고 "북한"을 헷갈리지 않도록 한국에 미래인 어린이들을 연심히 부탄에 대해서 많이 가르치고 있습니다. 아자 아자 화이팅!!!

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