Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tteok (Rice cake) Museum: (떡박물관)

Visited Tteok Museum with the VISION KOREA team members and got to prepare our own rice cake. In order to popularize and globalize traditional Korean food through education, an auxiliary teaching institution offers various professional learning programs. 
"Tteok" is a Korean name for "Rice cake" which is one of the food that represents Korean dish. Tteok Museum gives the visitors an opportunity to experience living history of the lifestyle and wisdom of Korea's ancestors.                                    

The Tteok Museum at the Institute of Traditional Korean Food is dedicated to preserving traditional kitchen equipment used by Korean ancestors for many generations. The museum exhibit various types of rice cakes and the different methods used to make these delicacies.

The most exciting thing was they provide the participants with a certificate stating that you have participated and completed the food and culture learning program which is signed by the Director of Institute of Traditional Korean Food. The museum comprises of 2 floors. Floor 1 displays various rice cakes, Tteok, which are enjoyed during the major holidays and festivities in Korea. Other seasonal rice cakes are displayed along with the utensils which are required to make them.

 In this way, visitors can learn about Korean rice cakes and their preparation. Floor 2 shows good used in traditional rituals. Also displayed in this room, theme-wise, are relics worn shiny with age by our forefathers. In a man's life, from life to death, there are at least four major sequential rituals. The paraphernalia. especially food and dress, is on vie to help visitors understand their significance.


  1. make 4 me wen we meet....looks tasty :)

  2. Manisha, I will give you the recipe and the directions :P

  3. Alright! I will send you all the recipe :)